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Putting the Dream on the Shelf....

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So, in early 2015 I decided that I wanted to turn my passion for decor into an interior decorating business. I started working on my business plan, my vision, and my goals for this little side business and had made it pretty far down the road into turning it into a reality. I was SUPER excited about this prospect and the potential it had to help me help others turn their houses into the best homes they could be. In our little neck of the woods, a lot of the houses were built in the early 1900s and are pretty dated. My vision was to help people update, modernize, and style their homes in a way to bring out the beauty and the value. (My creative passion in life, without a doubt!)

HOWEVER, some more important things in life have taken priority. First of all, as many of you may know I became pregnant with baby #2! Most of the time I have been able to work on my business plan and on interior decorating projects has been during nap time and at night time after Miles has gone to bed. Well, with this pregnancy I've been so exhausted that I pretty much have been sleeping the same hours as Miles, so these fringe hours have gone out the window - pretty much halting my plan in its tracks. I also know finding this time once the new baby arrives will be even harder, as these two little boys will demand my full attention and I will happily give it to them! On top of that, I just started a new day job that will require 125% of my focus as well as I get to know the ropes.  Just not the best timing to be adding this side project to the mix!

As much as I love the idea of the "Fat Hydrangea Design Co." it is going to have to go on the shelf FOR NOW. There are different seasons of life for us to focus on different things, and right now this season is definitely for my young, growing family.

Until the season to launch the business does come around, I'll still continue to share my design inspirations and the stories and pictures of our own home projects via the blog. (You just won't get to see the 10-pages I have been working on behind the scenes - bummer!)  Also, no doubt I'll be scheming and dreaming in the back of my mind for ways to execute this dream in the future :)

Overall, I just felt like I had to share what I've been weighing and working on behind the scenes for so much of this year. Thanks in advance for your ongoing encouragement, support, and understanding!