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Playroom Reveal

Playroom, My HomeSara Michelle B.Comment

We finally finished Miles' playroom and couldn't be more pleased with the result! 

We started with a new, plush carpet and then added in all the toys a little boy could dream of. We got him this awesome Restoration Hardware tent for his first birthday. It is a HIT! He loves crawling in there and playing peek-a-boo, and it is his favorite spot to read books. I have a feeling he will continue to love this even more as he gets older! He also loves the lights - they are from Bright Lab Lights.

Next, we brought the bean bag down from his bedroom, which is great because it is getting way more use down here. He loves running to it and collapsing on it (usually in a fit of giggles). We have his wagon in here as well for rides around the house until it gets warm enough to go outside again. 

The pack-n-play is a MUST as this is our go to "safe spot" for him when we need to leave him alone for a minute.

Last but not least, all of his toys are lined up along one side of the room for easy access and easy clean-up. 

Now to go play with Miles! :)