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Sara Michelle - Columbus, Ohio

Easter 2015

Holiday DecorSara Michelle B.1 Comment

I had a WONDERFUL Easter and hope you all did too! Seriously my heart is overflowing having so many people I love all in one place! Also, it was an absolutely, positively beautiful day in Cleveland (Not like some Easter's where we get tons of snow dumped on us.) My only complaint was that the day went by too quickly!

All that being said, I had MORE than a handful of things not go according to plan.... First, I got the Mass times messed up and we showed up to church an hour late (Note to self, check the schedule BEFORE you take out your contacts!), my dad had a bad cold and couldn't make it, I had a headache half the day, I never did find the time to iron the tablecloths before laying them out (hostess fail), and the Pottery Barn catering set of dishes and silverware didn't arrive in time so we ended up using plastic plates and utensils (plus side, clean-up was EASY PEASY!) 

All goofs aside, it was still the best Easter ever! Gosh I love my family!