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Sara Michelle - Columbus, Ohio

The House That Got Away

Sara Michelle B.1 Comment

Ok, maybe a more appropriate name for this house would be "The House We Walked Away From After Inspection," but that doesn't fully reflect how much how I loved this house! I really loved this house. A LOT. A lot, a lot. I still do! 

This was the first house we seriously looked at when we started house hunting 5-years ago. I immediately fell hard for the gorgeous tree lined streets, the way the house sat back on the lot, the oversized window box, the beautiful stonework, the black shutters, paned door, and covered porch. Just 100% my style!

This morning, Miles and I were up early and decided to go for a walk on this street just to get a change of scenery! This house looked so beautiful I had to snap a few pictures and then call Evan and have him remind me of why we walked away from this house! Fact of the matter is, there were to major issues upon inspection that we just didn't have the bravery nor the funds to fully tackle at the time (and the sellers made it clear they would not fix these issues either). First, there were some major leaks in the roof and lots of water damage in the attic and in the 2nd floor ceilings. This just screamed $$$! Second, a lot of the floors in the second floor were not level. We knew this would take some major work to fix as well. We were totally up for a fixer upper and the large scale cosmetic renovations this house would need, but these two particular tasks seemed incredibly daunting for first time home owners on a budget.

For an example of the major cosmetic updates I spoke of, here are a couple interior pictures of the house: 

Fast forward to my conversation with Evan yesterday... He said that even if that house hadn't had the major flaws, he said he would choose our house over this one in a heartbeat. While our current house does not have the curb appeal, this house has significantly more space, a mudroom, an open kitchen, a playroom, and significantly bigger bedrooms. I have to agree the interior layout of our current house definitely wins, no comparison. However, I can't help but think that over time and a HUGE renovation on the other house, we could have made that an amazing "forever home!" However, sometimes you just have to make the best decision you can in the moment and we definitely did that. Had I known our financial situation now and how well our home improvement skills have developed over 5-years, I may have made a different decision then.  (Yes, at the time I'm not sure we even owned a screw-driver! My oh my how times have changed!) 

That being said, what would you choose?