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Sara Michelle - Columbus, Ohio

Good News on the Appraisal!!

Sara Michelle B.4 Comments

Your well wishes worked, because our home appraisal came back and it was $20,000 HIGHER than the top value we were even hoping for! Woo hoo!

This means our home value is well over $50,000 more than when we bought the place (granted, we calculate that we have put a good $20,000 into it!) STILL, we have always been nervous that we were doing too much on our house for the area, and so this is very good news. (Especially seeing the report with all the recent sales.. I really think our house could sell for this much, it is not inflated appraisal!)

But since we are not moving, for now, it means we are getting a great rate on our refinance! Very happy homeowner over here!

I think it was the fresh flowers that did the trick ;)