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Saturday Shopping - 1st Edition

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I decided to start a new column within my blog called "Saturday Shopping." It won't happen every Saturday, but it will be my outlet to share my favorite finds whether they be home, fashion, baby, car, stationary related - you name it! I'm excited to share some of my favorite finds!

This week's favorite finds are highlighted by the new Tory Burch Sport collection! When I'm not dressed for work, I live in leggings, t-shirts, and track-jackets. I also have a major obsession with Tory Burch, so I feel like this line was designed me! Style conscious yet 100% emphasis on easy and comfortable! It is a good thing I'm 6-months pregnant and nothing will currently fit me so I can't splurge too much ;)  (I think I just heard Evan sigh with relief!)

Some other favorites come from J.Crew, Lo & Sons, Lululemon, Herschel Supply Co., The North Face, August, Coach, Apple and Hermes (In my dreams!), Trish McEvoy, and Essie. Click the pictures for the links to the products!

PS - I am not affiliated with any of these companies nor did I receive any compensation for these recommendations.  Just my own personal thoughts and opinions here!