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Friend's Houses: Anna's Kitchen Renovation

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My friend Anna & her husband Phil recently completed an absolutely AMAZING kitchen renovation and I cannot wait to share it with you! My jaw hit the floor when I saw these beautiful pictures she posted of the transformation. The white cabinets, the hardware, the backsplash, THE SINK! It is just perfection! Thankfully she was kind enough to let me share it all with all of you. I'm so excited!

Here is one of my favorite after shots - totally magazine worthy!

Here are the BEFORE pictures. I know what you're thinking... Her "before" shots look better than most people's "after" shots!

And here is the completely blank slate:

Overall, Anna said it took about 8-weeks from start to finish. This is no easy task considering they have two (absolutely adorable!) super young children. But I think you'll all agree that the result is so worth the the sacrifice and the chaos!

The cabinets are custom cabinets by Schuler. Along with the pulls, knobs, and tile, these were purchased at Lowe's. I love the cabinets now go all the way to the ceiling! It is amazing what a difference it makes. The room looks so much taller! (I decided I definitely need to do this in my own kitchen!)  I also love the hood above the stove. SWOON!

The countertops are Silestone quartz, specifically "Lagoon." It looks like carrera marble, but is far more functional and durable. (As you know my constant internal struggle as we finish the last phase of our kitchen renovation is whether to go with marble or quartz, and I LOVE the way this quartz looks in their kitchen!)

And one of my favorite parts? THE SINK!! The sink they purchased is by Barclay and is a white single-basin farmhouse sink. Anna said that for a split second they thought about two basins, but they are so glad they decided to go with one basin for both aesthetic and functional reasons. It's so easy to wash large pots, pans and casseroles.  This definitely solidifies my own decision to go with a single basin when we purchase our next sink!

Another interesting fact about this sink is that it's constructed from fireclay vs. the traditional cast iron. Fireclay is made by molding clay into the desired shape and allowing it to dry. Then, a porcelain enamel is applied and the sink is placed in a kiln at an extremely high temperature for a period up to 20 hours. The enamel and clay become fused which increases the strength of both. It's much more durable and resistant to scratching, staining, chipping, fading and discoloring. I had no idea about the difference, but anything more durable is a huge plus in my book!


Along with the beautiful sink basin, Anna's favorite part of the kitchen is the satin nickel bridge faucet from Perrin & Rowe. It is BEAUTIFUL! She calls it the "crown jewel of the kitchen" and I completely and utterly agree! When talking to Anna about her choice, she shared that she thinks finishes can make such a difference and this is where you want to spend some extra money.  Knobs, pulls, faucets, and light fixtures make such a difference if you get the right ones! I totally agree with her thoughts here, since we did the same thing in our kitchen and purchased Restoration Hardware hardware and light fixtures and haven't regretted it for a single second!

Here are some more shots of the details up close. *Sigh*  I can't get enough of that faucet!

For the backsplash,  they used all white subway tile and white grout with the exception of the marble herringbone design above the stove.  Anna jokes that is how she got her marble in the kitchen without having to do marble countertops! I think it ties in with the countertops perfectly and the materials are a perfect mix of style and function!

Without further ado, here are the incredible "after" pictures!

I also had to share the source of the rugs, because I know people will be asking! They're by Safavieh and part of the Chatham Collection, and purchased on Amazon here!  They're gray and ivory. She chose to use a 7' circle for under the kitchen table and a 7' runner by the sink and dishwasher. She decided to choose this modern pattern in order to bring a more current, transitional touch to an otherwise french country kitchen. I think they are the icing on the cake!

Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your beautiful kitchen Anna!