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Color Scheme in a Small Space

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Piggybacking off of yesterday's post, I am also dreaming of how I'd decorate a loft apartment (of course!). In such a small space, consistency in the color scheme throughout the space is key. Having too much going on would make it feel busy and choppy. I have a million different directions I could see myself going in if we were ever in this situation, but here is my color scheme inspiration based on blue, gray, white, and tan.

First, here is my mood board for the living and dining areas. It is preppy, meets modern, meets bright white:

It ties in perfectly to what we already have for the boy's room (my favorite room in our house!): 

And for the master bedroom:

I envision painting the walls the same color as the boy's room. Repetition also helps in tying an area together.

As for the backdrop? I envision a bright white loft space, like this one I found on Pinterest:

Fun to dream, isn't it?

All products are from Restoration Hardware!