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Sara Michelle - Columbus, Ohio

$10 Style & Storage Solution

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Our lovely house was built in 1940, and consistent with this era of home, the closet sizes are SMALL! While I do have a walk-in closet in our master bedroom, it is off a small dark hallway between our bedroom and bathroom and is an incredibly tight squeeze. It leaves a lot to be desired in terms of form and function!

Additionally, I like displaying my new outfits or outfits I plan to wear to work the next couple of days where I can see them. This helps me get ready quickly and have fun picking out my clothes and accessories. Not easy to do when you have a tiny, dark, closet! I have found instead that hang my clothes from the curtain rod in our bedroom... Real attractive, let me tell you.

Surfing Instagram the other day, however, I stumbled across a post from Danielle Moss and her $10 Ikea clothing rack! TEN DOLLARS! I logged online to the Ikea website and immediately ordered the MULIG Clothes Rack (in white) for myself. It arrived in three days, was super easy to assemble, and fits in our bedroom perfectly! So much fun and frees up so much space in my closet! I feel like it is making me fall in love with my wardrobe all over again.

I seriously can't remember the last time $10 made such a difference in my daily life! (Except for my and Evan's $10 Starbucks coffee runs every morning... of course...)