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Company Crush: Farmgirl Flowers

Company Crush, FlowersSara Michelle B.2 Comments

I am a huge sucker for fresh flowers! They instantly brighten any room and anyone's day. I always have a vase or two around my house and I love sending bouquets to friends as a "thank you" or for special occasions. I recently stumbled upon Farmgirl Flowers. Their bouquets are BEAUTIFUL and I love their philosophy behind having a single type of bouquet available at a time and eliminating waste. Also, they wrap the flowers in burlap bags reused from local coffee roasters. How awesome is that?

I haven't actually tried the company yet... but my birthday is coming up in just two weeks so maybe that will change soon!  (Hint Hint, Evan!)

All photos from Farmgirl Flowers incredibly beautiful website!

Any companys you've been "crushing" on lately?