The Fat Hydrangea

Sara Michelle - Columbus, Ohio

5-Years in our Home

Sara Michelle B.Comment

Today marks 5-years that we have lived in this house! In some ways it feels like yesterday that we moved in and in other ways, it feels like we've already had a lifetime of memories in this home. Some of the best moments of my life! (This is the house we brought our babies home to and started our family in, after all!) This house has truly been a labor of love. We have transformed almost every single of inch of it and have made it our own. We've fallen in love with our community and our neighbors have become some of our best friends. Life is good in this house, folks.

Recently we were considering an opportunity that would have taken us 500 miles away. It didn't pan out, but just the thought of moving made me realize how much joy this home has brought us. Whether we stay forever or whether we eventually go, this house has a super special place in my heart.