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Reader Question re: Parade of Homes

Parade of HomesSara Michelle B.2 Comments

I recently received a question from a reader about an old Parade of Homes post, found in my archives here. Unfortunately, I must have accidently deleted the e-mail! Since I didn't want to leave you high and dry, I decided to repost the pictures from this amazing house and answer your question!

First of all, I love this house. It has been AGES since I went back and looked at my archives - this post was from three years ago - so it was really fun to look at these pictures again. This house was truly one of my favorites!

It is making me really excited for the BIA Parade of Homes in Columbus this September again.

Anyway, on to the house! I'm not sure I could pull off this backsplash in my own life, but I do love the balance of modern and cozy styles in this kitchen. The gray cabinets totally pop against the white counters, and I love the hardware choice. I think if you changed the backsplash to a subway tile and swapped out the light fixtures, this would be my dream kitchen, 100%!

The reader's question was actually about the paint treatment in the dining room and whether it was wallpaper or paint. I am 99.9% sure that it was paint! I love that it resembles indigo dip dye fabric. So cool! Reader, if you try this in your own house, you absolutely have to send me a picture! I also love this wine rack.

Here are some more pictures of this amazing house for you to enjoy!

You can see more pictures of this home at the BIA Parade of Homes site here.


Also, I know I JUST promised posts on M, W, F and I'm already posting a day late! I tried scheduling the post to post automatically at 7:00am yesterday and apparently that did not work so I had to manually post it today. Don't worry I will be back on schedule starting now! Thanks for bearing with me!