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2018 Home Goals & Projects

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I can't believe 2017 is already coming to an end! The wonderful things about this year were, first and foremost, the birth of our sweet baby Graham in October followed by my transition to a stay at home mom in July. Two life changing things in the very best way! That being said, I think 2017 was also my hardest year yet. Mostly because of how miserable I felt most of the year during my pregnancy and recovery. Nonstop nausea and serious back pain that really kept me from living my best life. I basically felt like I was in survival mode from February until November! It was rough, but of course all worth it for my sweet little boy. 

That being said, I'm excited for 2018 and a fresh start!  I posted about my personal goals back in August in this post, but I haven't really had the time or energy to fully pursue them given how I was feeling and having a newborn. Now that I'm feeling great and Graham is almost three months old (and therefore way easier!), I'm really excited to get more into these! 

ANYWAY, I've also been thinking about my home goals and projects for the year! Without further ado, here's the 10 things I'd like to accomplish in 2018:

1) Transition from Traditional Style to Farmhouse Style (On a budget!) 

For awhile now, I've noticed that my taste has changed from what I currently have in my house to something lighter, brighter, and more a farmhouse style. However, I've been hesitant to make the change and transition my house. First, because our house appraised as high as it could for our area, and I didn't want to spend money on it that we wouldn't get back. Second, we've casually been on the lookout for our next house (our FOREVER house!), so I just kept telling myself "oh I'll do it in our next house." All of this was fine when I was too sick or exhausted or pregnant to decorate/renovate/DIY anyway, but now that I'm feeling great I just have the super strong itch to decorate and work on the house! So, I'm going to do just that - on a budget! It will require some compromise and a lot of creativity, but who knows when we'll find our next house and in the meantime I want to love my house and allow myself to enjoy my passion. So, look forward to lots of decorating and transforming on a budget! 

2) Add more Blue

If you follow me on Instagram, you might be surprised about this one! However, I really don't have that much blue in our house (it IS what I like the most, however, so it is what I photograph that most!) Other than the boys' bedroom and a handful of accents such as throw pillows and dish towels, most of my house mainly features gray or greenish-gray throughout the color scheme. I'm ready to transition away from the green and add a lot more blue. I'm thinking Nantucket or Hamptons inspired decor! It will also tie the interior of our house more closely to the exterior of our house, which I always really like. Stay tuned!

3) Declutter 

Ugh, I'm sure 90% of you have this on your list too and feel my pain. Seriously before having kids everything in my house had a place and everything was in it's place. That has gotten away from me the last few years! The clutter is overwhelming me. My goal is to organize and purge one room at a time. If I don't love it or don't feel I really need it, it is going to Goodwill. I'm starting with the kitchen next week!

Along with this, I've decided not to buy anything for 100 days, starting January 1st. Sometimes I think buying something new distracts me and makes me feel good,  like a band-aid on the clutter problem! Yeah it is enjoyable, but it actually just makes the "stuff" problem worse. So, no spending on clothes, accessories, toys, make-up, etc. for awhile. I need to really appreciate and care for what I have before adding anything more! The ONE thing I'll allow, after some consideration, is storage baskets/bins - specifically for the kids toys - since that is a purchase that is clearly aligned with the solution. I also like this idea because it will allow me to dive into my house makeover and challenge me not to spend much money. That being said, I have used my Christmas money and some gift cards the last 24-hours to buy some stuff before my ban goes into place. I have allowed myself that, but that is it!(And I have to say, it's totally jump started my creativity.. can't wait to share the changes I already have in progress!) 

Along with decluttering, I'd like to give every room a solid, deep clean. (It's been awhile!)

4) Get everything done that we'd have to do to sell the house, even if we don't sell! 

  • 4a) Fix up the basement

We had a flood late in the summer and therefore have half of the carpet ripped up and everything shoved to one side of the basement. Early in 2018, we need to organize the basement, repaint (not flood related, but much needed!), and recarpet! Nothing fancy, just needs to be livable and MUST be done if we decide to put the house on the market or buyers would run away screaming, for real. 

  • 4b) Get Plumbing Work Done

Funnnnnn!!!! (No.) The cold water knob on our 2nd floor bathtub faucet decided to stop working, so that needs fixed. We also need our gas fireplace line fixed because the pipes were really old and we had to cap it in the fall because there was a leak. This is not a small job, as they have to open up the ceiling in the basement and replace a long stretch of pipe. We also need the drain on our clawfoot tub on our 3rd floor to be fixed.  Not exciting, but all need to be done! I just didn't have the energy to deal with them towards the end of my pregnancy when they all went awry in the fire place! 

5) Replace the Front Windows. 

I didn't want to do this if we were going to move, but if we do stay here, I want new front windows on the first floor! They are REALLY old and are painted shut. I would love to open them and get a fresh breeze through the entire house. Also, they have gotten some water between the window and the storm window and therefore they always look streaky. Drives me insane. We'll probably do this late spring, as soon as it warms up!

6) Redo our Master Bedroom

This room has been so neglected, it's not even funny. I've mentioned before that I think I gave up on this room when I realized I couldn't get the bed I REALLY wanted up our narrow stairs. (Boo. Still bummed about it!) Still, I need to do something to make this space a space I love! I have no idea what this will entail, but this will definitely happen this year too. 

7) Add More Family Pictures to our Decor

I know this sounds so small, but it is a huge goal of mine! :)

8) Stain our New Fence

We got a few fence installed in October (It was literally being installed as I was in the hospital with Graham!) and this spring we will need to stain it. It will be a big job! Still trying to decide whether we'll tackle it ourselves or hire someone to do it, but I just know they'll charge us an arm and a leg. Regardless, I'm dreading it and can't wait to check it off of the list! (But also INCREDIBLY grateful to have a fence so I can actually sit down in the backyard this summer and not be chasing the kids all over the neighborhood!) 

9) Stop using my Dining Room Table as a Dumping Ground

Pretty self explanatory... Our mail and other 'to do's" are constantly in piles on my dining room table and it drives me nuts! I need to find better ways to organize our mail, magazines,and other stuff so there aren't always big stacks of papers on my table. I'm already thinking of a plan and organizational system to move all this to our mudroom. Stay tuned! 

10) Appreciate what I Have instead of Focusing on What I Don't

I can pretty easily let myself get frustrated with the imperfections of this house and often find myself dreaming of what I want to do in our next house, instead of appreciating and giving thanks for the many great things about our current place. Like for instance, the great location (walking distance to school, parks, Target, Whole Foods, and many good restaurants and ice cream shops!), all the work we've done to make it more 'us", our absolutely amazing neighbors, the fact we can pay off our house in the next few years if we continue to live here.. There's a lot of REALLY great things! While we look, I still want to love the great things about this house and not wish these blessings away. 

I think that covers it! Excited to see what we accomplish in 2018 on the home front! Here's to a great year ;)

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