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Sara Michelle - Columbus, Ohio

Homemade Starbucks Green Tea Lemonade

Sara Michelle B.Comment

Part of giving up my job also means giving up my daily Starbucks routine! For years, it was a habit of mine to make a quick, early morning stop on my way to work for a Venti Green Tea Lemonade with one pump of sweetner. It is refreshing, hydrating, and has just the perfect touch of sweetness! People who know me well know I almost always have one in hand in the a.m.

However, since I clearly don't see myself trekking three kids to Starbucks every morning, I decided to see if I could re-create the drink at home for myself! Not too bad, if I do say so myself!


While there is part of me that will miss my early morning jaunt to the local Starbucks (the energy of the coffee shop and the friendly, familiar faces were also a nice aspect of this pit stop!), I am looking forward to this being part of my new early morning routine that involves waking up before the sunshine and having some "Sara time" before the kids wake up. 

Added bonus: It will save money! Making it home will cost me roughly $1.00 ($0.23 per tea bag, $0.75 per lemon, and $0.04 per sugar packet) versus spending $3.65 at Starbucks every day.