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Sara Michelle - Columbus, Ohio

Spur of the Moment, Every Day, Real Life House Tour

Sara Michelle B.1 Comment

Far too often I have had people tell me "oh your house is always so clean" or "I don't know how you keep it all together!" Ummm... It may appear that way, but in reality, those two statements could not be further from the truth! Maybe this was me and the every day status of my house 4-5 years ago, but with kids? Forget about it! 

Truth #1: Most of the home tour pictures on my blog/instagram are very strategically taken, and I'm always shuffling kid toys out of the room, removing sippy cups from counters, and wiping up floors minutes before taking any snapshots. EVERY SINGLE TIME! (Also, I've found that getting just the right exposure on my camera can hide all the fingerprints on the appliances and crumbs on the floor! Yes!)

Truth #2: I'll be honest.. I definitely miss the days when my house was clean and put together every day! It is a daily struggle of mine to let go of the mess, stop constantly cleaning, and just live in the imperfect moment. I'm learning! I think that is exactly why I DO get it super clean, staged, and photographed once in awhile! It is nice to know that even if I don't have the capacity to my house "perfect" all of the time, at least I know it has the capability to be that way! While having it that nice every moment of every day is not realistic during this particular season in life, it is still nice to get it that way once in awhile. (And document it during the 5-minutes it stays that way, ha!) 

Anyway, just to ensure I am keeping it 100% real, here is a spur-of-the moment, un-staged, un-edited home tour! 


Ok, so it isn't a DISASTER (at least not in this tour.. sometimes it is!) but it isn't picture perfect and magazine worthy every day either.  It is a house that is LIVED in and loved!