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Sara Michelle - Columbus, Ohio

Welcome to the New Blog!

Sara Michelle B.1 Comment

This blog relaunch has been a long time coming and I'm so excited that the day is finally here! You see, this blog started off many years ago as a place where I would document my DIY house projects and the transformation of our first home to show my family and friends who lived far away (mostly my dad... hi Dad!) what we were working on. Nothing fancy, no real goals, but it had been a true labor of love to show how we were transforming this fixer-upper of a first house into our HOME. 

However, six years after moving into this home, with all of our major house projects almost complete, increasingly demanding careers, and with two kids (and another one on the way!), the house projects have slowed wayyyy down and quite honestly, for a long time I have felt a bit of writer's block when it came to this site. I'd often ask myself, if I'm not knocking down walls or completely transforming a room, does anyone really care? Additionally, blogging in general has become super popular over the last few years and people with way bigger budgets and way more talent than me became semi-celebrities with their interior decorating blogs! While I never aimed for that, it did make me wonder sometimes why I even continued this little side hobby if there were so many blogs out there a billion times better than mine. I thought about flat out deleting it more times than I can count (in fact, I even did delete it once which is why all of my early posts no longer exist - tear!) BUT, something has always brought me back. I love the concept of making a house a home and I love sharing my home with others who have the same passion!

This year, it has hit me that although our HUGE projects might be mostly done at this point, my love for making my house a cozy, beautiful, organized, happy place to be is stronger than ever! However, now it is more about making a beautiful life in my home, rather than JUST making a beautiful home. With the chaos and the craziness that comes with being a mom of young kids, I'm learning  that first, I have to make our home work and function for our busy lives. And second, that I need to make my house beautiful and welcoming - it's just who I am and engrained in my being! (As silly as that sounds, it is true!)  

I'm SO excited to embark on this new journey in my life and with this blog! I can't wait to share with you our house projects - big and small, more of my family, and little things I'm learning/working on to make our little life in our little house that much more sweet! After all, the meaning behind the name "The Fat Hydrangea" in the first place is that it was my personal version of reminding myself to stop and smell the roses...  To slow down and enjoy the beauty in the every day. (I just much prefer fluffy blue or white hydrangeas to roses!) 

Thanks for following along!