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Super Simple Side Tables

Sara Michelle B.1 Comment

Do you all have a room that you've neglected in your house? For us, this has sadly been our master bedroom. When we moved in, we removed the wallpaper and the carpeting, painted the walls, refinished the wood floors, hung a gallery wall, and then.... stopped! The biggest reason is that I discovered that all of the beds I want will not fit up our narrow staircase. Ugh. (Darn consequence of living in a house built in 1940!) Since I couldn't get my ideal bed, it kind of crushed my dream/vision for the room and I just stopped decorating it altogether. I figured in our next house I'll get a bed and bedroom set that I really love! 

Well, that is fine from a form standpoint but from a function standpoint? Not so much! I'm almost embarrassed to admit this, but for YEARS our nightstands were these cheap, old Target end tables I had in ,my college apartment 13-years ago. They were super short and super small, and no matter how often we fixed them the legs were continually falling off.  After falling apart for the 945th time, Evan got so fed up with our nightstands that he decided to just go out to the garage, see what wood we had on hand in the garage, and build some new ones! (He's the best!) 


Using scrap wood and a stain we already had on hand, he created two simple but beautiful, functional nightstands! The top is made of a birch plywood we previously used to make shelves when we did our kitchen built-ins project.  He used our router to bevel the top and give them each nice smooth edges. We made them 22 inches long by 25 inches wide so they would fit perfectly next to our bed, under the windows. The legs are simply made of basic two by fours. He then sanded and sanded until they were super smooth, put on a coat of stain, and probably 6 coats of polyurethane on the top! Cost of project = an afternoon in the garage (and a few evenings of applying polyurethane!) 


My favorite thing is that they have a huge surface area so I can fit a lamp, two (soon to be three!) baby monitors, my phone, my book, my humidifier, and a glass of water. All of my nighttime necessities! 


It has actually inspired me to look at this room with fresh eyes and do some more redecorating. Kind of like my family room, I have the problem that this room is another sea of gray. I'm thinking DIY headboard, new curtains, new rug, crown molding, maybe new bedding.. new everything.... Ahh! We'll save that for another post :) 

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