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Third Floor Bath Design Board & Renovation Progress

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As I mentioned in this post, we are really looking to makeover this bathroom on a budget. Mostly it NEEDED some plumbing work and for the old, filthy linoleum floor and toilet to be replaced. Everything else is pretty much just cosmetic decorating! 

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For the floors, we decided to save money and go with peel and stick vinyl tiles. This makes installation MUCH easier, saves us a ton of money, and still looks great. As I mentioned in my last post on the subject, we've pretty much maxed out our ceiling price on this house for when we eventually go to sell, therefore we don't want to invest much more into it because we won't see that money back. That being said, we still need to make it function and make it look nice.  Nice looking vinyl tiles will definitely be appealing in our area, though maybe I wouldn't do it in a more higher end neighborhood. 

We also plan to add in a new toilet and new bath hardware that matches the rest of the house. I also am going to have an electrician install a new fan/light fixture combination because the one that is in there is really ugly and dated. We will also add new, thicker baseboard throughout the room. I think these updates alone will make the bathroom look so much better and feel like new!

Everything else will just be accessorizing and making it welcoming for guests! 

Here are the products that we are using:

My sweet husband worked like crazy on the bathroom this weekend. He ripped up the hard to reach linoleum, laid cement boards throughout the entire space, and spread a thin layer of thinset to fill the cracks between the cement boards and make everything nice and smooth.  Next weekend we lay down the tiles, grout, and install the baseboard and new toilet! Slowly but surely it is coming along! As I mentioned, this room HAS to be done before baby #3 makes his/her debut in October so we are trying to crank this out! (Thanks Evan!)


I'm excited to get to the fun (aka pretty!) stuff! 

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