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Sara Michelle - Columbus, Ohio

The DEEPER Reasons Why Modern Farmhouses are So Appealing

Sara Michelle B.Comment

Obviously modern farmhouses are all the rage right now! Who doesn't love beautiful white painted houses, shiplap, barn metal pendant light fixtures, weathered wood, rustic furnishings, and barn doors? From a style perspective, there is a lot to love. However, I've been thinking a lot about it and I think the appeal of these homes - for me at least -  goes well beyond the particular style elements, and actually reflects my deeper desire for a certain quality of life.


Here are 4 elements of the farmhouse lifestyle that I think subconsciously may also be driving us in our desire to capture the farmhouse design style in our homes: 

  1. A Simpler Life
    • When I think about life on a farm, I think about a quieter, simpler, unplugged life. A place where time moves a little slower and you live a little more in the moment. Away from the hustle bustle, the commute, the noise, and the rat race. Away from the computer screen, a life all but removed from social media, and a place where evenings are spent watching sunsets instead of watching TV. Less consumerism, less commercialism. I think of white space, fresh air, and nature. There isn't anything flashy about it and it isn't a place where you are trying to impress anybody.  It isn't over the top, but it is everything you need. It is a well loved, functional, lived-in HOME. 
  2. A Sense of Feeling Closer to Nature
    • When I think about life on a farm, I think about being connected to nature every day. Up with the sunrise and outdoors getting work done. Growing gardens and harvesting the fields. Caring for, feeding, raising and loving on animals. Dirt beneath your fingertips and sun on your face. Wild flowers, farmer tans, and fresh air. Laundry drying in the breeze. Eating food that has been grown, picked and washed with your own two hands. Less processing, less packaging. A true appreciation of the seasons. Sunsets on the porch and stars in the night sky.  The sounds of crickets and the glow of lightening bugs. 
  3. A Strong Work Ethic & Sense of Pride
    • When I think about life on a farm, I think of HARD WORK. The kind of work that is demanding and yet rewarding. The kind of hard work that leaves you exhausted and yet fulfilled. The kind of hard work that may not make you a millionaire but makes you feel rich and fulfilled, nonetheless. Hands on, minds engaged kind of work. The kind of work you are proud of. The kind of hard work that allows you to fall sound asleep at night! 
  4. A Connection to History
    • When I think about life on a farm, I think about early America and amber waves of grain. I think about my Grandma Eva and Grandpa Lynn, and how they raised my dad and his four siblings on a small family farm in Wisconsin. I think of antiques and family heirlooms. I think of repurposing things on hand to make them more functional or more beautiful. I think of restoring and appreciating treasures from long ago instead of buying something new.  I think of flea markets and farmers markets and strong communities. 

My thought is that maybe by capturing some of this farmhouse design style within our homes, we are actually trying to tap into the essence of all of these great elements that are historically associated with a farmhouse lifestyle. I know I personally am drawn to both aspects - there is both aesthetic and emotional appeal!  While I'm a true city/suburb girl at heart and will probably never actually live on a farm, I know I want to incorporate elements of both the design and the lifestyle in my family's everyday experience. 


What do you say? Do think there is a deeper connection, or do you think the appeal is mostly aesthetic?

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