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Fall Centerpiece Idea: Pretty White Mums in DIY Painted Pots

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Now that it is mid-September, the days are getting cooler, kids are back to school, football season is in full swing,it is getting dark earlier, and pumpkins are for sale at the grocery store - I think we can officially start celebrating fall! Lord knows I love fall and I am READY! This was actually a project that I did a couple of years ago that I never posted about, but it was seriously one of my favorite DIY decor projects and I love how it turned out! I have found myself coming back to it a lot this year for inspiration!

I'm always a fan of fresh flowers around my house and try to use live ones on my dining room table at all times. That being said, I thought I'd try my hand at keeping some mums indoors for a season. (I'll be honest, I struggle with keeping my outdoor mums alive but I had great success with having them indoors for a month!) 

I also want some pretty pots that tied in perfectly with my dining room. 

This project is so easy I probably don't even need to type out instructions since the pictures are so self explanatory, but I'll do it anyway - Ha! Basically I bought three terra cotta pots from Home Depot and painted them the same color as my dining room wall (Martha Stewart's "Falcon"). Super easy, took all of 15 minutes!

Once they were dry, I wrapped some painter's tape underneath the top lip, and painted a white border. 

Once dry I added in some white mums and ta-da! Easy peasy, beautiful centerpiece!

I actually still have these pots and we are currently using them our deck! (Miles planted some acorns and is patient waiting for a tree to grow! Love that kid!) 

Also... exciting news!!! Make sure you come back on Monday to see my Fall Home Tour! I have paired up with over THIRTY other bloggers and Kirklands to bring you some awesome home tours with beautiful fall decor! I CAN'T WAIT! I don't know if I've ever been more excited for a post! 

So, have a great weekend and see you Monday? 

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