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The House Hunt Continues - Great House, not so Great Timing!

House HuntingSara Michelle B.2 Comments

As I've mentioned many times before, Evan and I really love where we live, but we are always in the back of our minds on the lookout for our "forever" home, essentially something a little bigger with a bigger yard. A house where we can pour our time, energy, and money into to making it 100% "us" without worrying about resale value. 

A few weeks ago we found a house with HUGE potential! It was on one of the most beautiful streets in our target area, walking distance to the train, with beautiful curb appeal, tons of space, and an awesome yard for the kids. It was pretty much love at first sight for both of us! I honestly felt like "this WILL BE our next house!" We looked at it twice and have been really, really considering it! We even went so far as to get our financing lined up! 


But, as you also know, I'm 36- weeks pregnant and it has been a rougggggh pregnancy. I have not felt good at all! As I write this, I'm currently laying in bed with a heating pad on my aching back and a hot washcloth on my forehead trying to stave off a headache. That being said, this house, while beautiful, needs a lot of work right off the bat (central air, new roof, new windows, new appliances...) While doable, it was definitely a little daunting! Still, the even bigger issue in our minds is that our current house needs a lot of projects completed before we'd put it on the market, not to mention packing, staging, and keeping it clean while we would show it! Quite frankly, it is hard for me to get laundry and dishes done right now so I just can't imagine going through the process of buying and selling a house over the next few weeks/monthsy. We really, really considered it, but as much as I love it and see the potential, I physically and mentally am not up for the stress of the process at this point in life! There are just too many things we'd have to do and it is just too overwhelming to even think about! 

I'm not going to lie... a huge part of me hopes this house is still on the market in a few months when I'm feeling better and we're physically/mentally up for a move! While it's hard to let it go, I think at this point I'm just having faith that eventually we'll end up in the right house at the right time! (I think our awesome realtor will help with that too, lol!) Right now, I'm just relieved to only be focusing on family, resting, and cooking this baby the next few weeks. I think it has been a theme of mine in 2017 that great opportunities at the wrong time are not the right opportunities. 

Still, super beautiful home isn't it? 

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