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Dining Room Makeover - From Traditional Green to Farmhouse White

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I mentioned in my post about my goals for our home in 2018 that I wanted to start to transition from traditional style to more of a farmhouse style. WELL, I'm excited to say I've wasted no time getting started on this goal! 

I've been thinking about doing this for awhile now, but a few days ago I decided to officially dive in and paint the room white! (It is a custom color, I posted it about here!) The nice thing about painting this room white is that the trim was already white so I didn't have to tape (woo hoo!) and it's only the top half of the room with two huge openings, so it is a quick job! (Which is lucky for me, because this is the 5th time I've painted it in the 7-years we've lived here!) 

I also took down the ladder shelves. Having the open shelving was starting to feel like too much visual clutter for me, and I just am seeking some blank space at the moment. 

With the ladder shelves gone,I decided to flip the table around too and just see what it was like. I LOVE IT! It feels really inviting from the kitchen with the bench being parallel to the kitchen opening. I can't believe I didn't try this sooner! 

Here is what the room looked like at Christmas: 


And here are snapshots as we started to transform the room: 


So far I am LOVING IT! The room is so bright and feels so much bigger! I still have a lot to do to finish the makeover, but here it is quickly pulled together with what I had in here before. 

What do you think? Definitely feels more farmhouse to me already!

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