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Master Bedroom Refresh

Sara Michelle B.1 Comment

If you follow my blog, you know I've mentioned several times that our master bedroom is beyond neglected! It is the least inspiring room in our house. I basically discovered several years ago that the bed I really wanted wouldn't fit up the stairs, and I've been mourning and in a decorating rut for this room ever since- ha! 

Anyway, one of my goals for 2018 is to redo this room. I'm starting from SCRATCH! This room needs a complete overhaul in every single way from the wall color, to the bed, to the furniture, to the bedding. It is boring and bland!

Without further ado, here is what I'm thinking for the room. Along with the rest of my house, I'm thinking light and bright!  This is different than my typical philosophy for bedrooms, which is to paint the walls dark because I totally believe it helps facilitate a deeper sleep. (But let's be real, with a teething 5-month old and an ornery 2-year old,  I'm not getting much sleep these days anyway!)  I just need a change! Anyway, my vision is to put board and batten along the walls and paint them white. I will also invest in some good black-out curtains :)

I also desperately want closed nightstands that can hide the cords from my cell phone charger and three baby-monitors! The open nightstands I currently have, that we made here, are just not cutting it! 



What do you think? :)