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We're Moving!

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So if you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen the news - WE'RE MOVING!

Actually, we're about halfway through the move at this point :) It is a bit of a process. I will explain it ALL below!

The Decision to Move

Why are we moving? We decided that we wanted to be closer my family! Plain and simply - I miss them and with three kids, I could really use the help they are more than willing to give :) I'm excited to be back in the area I grew up in as well. It has ALWAYS felt like home! Plus, I have some childhood/high school/college friends in the area that I look forward to reconnecting with. It is exciting because it feels like a fresh start, but it is also a place where we already have strong roots and connections. While it is definitely hard to leave our old house and our friends and family in Cleveland, I have no doubt this is the right move for our family.


Selling Our House

We REALLY lucked out on this front. We told our friends who live two doors down that we were planning on moving and were working to get our house on the market. Not two days later, I get a text from them saying that they were potentially interested in buying our house, and could they tour it and decide before we formally list it? Um, YES! God bless them, because our house was turned upside down when they did the walkthrough and they still decided they wanted it! SO thankful because this saved us an immense amount of time, energy, and money. I was absolutely dreading having to clean the house and scoot the kids around for multiple showings. The fact they wanted to move forward and buy our house was a tremendous blessing! 

Why buy our house when they lived just two doors down? Number one, we have the one of the most beautiful streets in our area. No question about it! (There is actually another young couple on our street who just bought the house across the street! See - no one wants to leave!) Second, while the houses are very similar, ours has a big mudroom, new garage, new fence, new driveway, and they - flatteringly- say that they just loved the style of our house! Seriously there is no bigger compliment! :) 


Our New House

After looking at lots of houses in our target area, we decided to BUILD! Honestly, I just wasn't up for a renovation and wanted to avoid the feeling of immediately needing to overhaul every room to make it my taste and style. Even the thought of having to paint every room seemed overwhelming! I'm all up for little decorating projects, but no major overhauls at this stage in life. I would rather spend my precious time with the playing with the kids!

Building gave us the opportunity to have a turn-key, fresh, blank slate. A house that I can update over time and make it my own, but feels clean and livable in the meantime. 

Our new house is scheduled to be done in October! I'm so excited. It isn't the biggest house or the most fancy house, but I love the location, the floorpan, and the potential! Stay tuned for more :) 

In The Meantime

While our house is being built, we are living with my parents! They live exactly ten minutes away from our new house and have plenty of space! It was SIGNIFICANTLY easier (and less expensive!) than packing everything up and unpacking it all in an apartment just to pack it all up and move again in three months. (I'm sooooo over packing, lol!) We pretty much only had to pack up suitcases and some toys to bring to my parents, which has been awesome. Everything else was loaded up into a pod  by movers  and will be delivered to our new house when we are ready. So seamless! We've been here for exactly two weeks and the boys are LOVING the quality time with Grandma and Grandpa! 


I'm so excited to share more about our new house as construction progresses and decorating plans take shape! 

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