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A Summer Unplugged

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So, about a year ago I had the best intention to relaunch my blog and really dive into this little space of mine on the internet. It worked... for awhile! (And I loved it!) But if you look closely you'll see I've done just six blog posts the last six months - yikes! Jugging three kids age four and under, preparing the house to move, getting everything in line to build a new house, doing consulting work for my former employer, dealing with some health issues, and you know- trying to get SOME sleep with a nocturnal newborn (seriously!), just didn't leave much time or energy for my little blog.

On top of that, once phase one of our move was over and I finally had the time, I have pretty much just wanted to UNPLUG and decompress! I've totally enjoyed turning off my phone and my computer and playing from sun up to sun down with my boys. We've been spending the last month hitting up every park (and ice cream shop!) in town, swimming, hiking, playing in the sandbox, riding bikes, reading, picnicking, going to the zoo, napping... It has been AMAZING! I don't think I've soaked up a summer like this since I myself was a kid. Sunkissed. Covered in dirt. Exhausted and in bed before the sun goes down. It is refreshing in the deepest way. 

If you haven't unplugged in awhile and feel the need to get away and disappear for awhile, I HIGHLY recommend it. Just do it! You won't regret it. Slow down. Enjoy the moment. Everyone and everything can wait. 

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All of that being said, I'm excited to start blogging again. There is SO much I want to share about the new house and the move and what life is teaching me! Hope everyone is doing well and thanks for sticking around! xoxo

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