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Construction Progress

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The house is really coming along! I'm SO excited! Less than two months and we will be living there.. Now that it actually LOOKS like a house, I thought I'd share some construction in progress pictures so you can get a better feel for the space and see how far it's come!

First and foremost, I'm SO excited that the siding is going up! I absolute love the crisp, white Hardie Board. It is beautiful and durable! We will also have brick along the front which will be painted white. Finally getting the white farmhouse of my dreams!


Next is the family room. I am so excite for this big, open space being adjacent to the kitchen and eating area. Also, once we move in, we are installing a fireplace and built-ins- including two bench seats, along the back wall. Our builder only had the option to put in a corner fireplace, which isn't my favorite, so we decided to do it after construction and do it exactly the way we like it. It will be a lot of work but I think it will be worth it. Stay tuned! 


Next is the kitchen! So excited for a brand, spankin' new kitchen! I'll do another post about the design plans for this next!


Here are the entryway, stairs, and the room in the front left is the den. So excited to turn that into a beautiful office space! 


It is so fun to see the house take shape! I knew I would like building, but it turns out that I actually LOVE it. It has been so fun to go up to the lot every couple of days and see what changes they are making - big and small. Plus it just gives me an immense appreciation for all of the systems that go into a house to make it work. Having NEW electrical, NEW plumbing, NEW ventilation, NEW windows, NEW insulation, etc.,  just feels so refreshing. (I think coming from a house built in 1940 to a brand new house would have that effect on anyone!) 

It has also been really fun to dream about the design. We are actually at the phase where we are starting to place orders for fixtures and furniture, so the dream is SO CLOSE to becoming a reality! I'll try to share more throughout the process because it has been so much fun and it's awesome seeing it all come to life. Stay tuned!

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