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Sara Michelle - Columbus, Ohio

Master Bedroom White Wood Gallery Wall Reveal

Sara Michelle B.Comment

The first project I undertook in the new house was the gallery wall in my bedroom. I wanted this room to be my haven, and what better way to do that then to be surrounded with beautiful pictures of people and places I love! I spent virtually all summer picking out my favorite photos to go on the wall and finding the perfect frames/prints. The result is a focal wall that absolutely overflows my heart with love, joy, and hope when I look at it!

I knew I wanted something very organic and something I can add to and modify over time. I bought tons of different styles of frames in different shades of white. Most are 12x12 basic white frames from Target (I removed the mats and went with full frame look). I also got a few rustic wood frames by Face to Face Home from one of my favorite local shops- Bungalow Home. A couple of the beach prints I custom ordered online with the frames (see the links below). Everything is a little different, but it all comes together perfectly.

In terms of the pictures, most of the pics on the wall are iPhone pictures that I converted to black and white in Photoshop using the standard Photoshop presets- nothing fancy! I played a little bit with the exposure, saturation, and clarity until they looked just right but I seriously didn’t spend more than 60-seconds per picture. I also had one professional picture of me and the boys on the beach in California last spring which was taken by Cori Kleckner (she’s amazing!) I then uploaded and ordered all of the prints from and they were delivered to my door within a week. Easy as can be! (And a tip: I ordered more photos than I knew I would need… it was nice to have options to play with once things started coming together!)


When it came to hanging the frames on the wall, I pretty much winged it and just went with what felt good and what was pleasing to the eye, rather than precisely planning, mapping, and measuring everything out. (That being said, I did use a level!) I started by spreading out the pictures along the length of the wall and then filled in with the smaller pictures. It is still a work in progress, but even knowing there are blank spaces for future memories brings me joy when I look at it!

Overall, I just love waking up and falling asleep to these happy, beautiful, inspiring images and quotes. The best way to start and end a day is with gratitude, and this definitely helps to foster that!


Here are links to some of the prints and products used on my wall:

I got this framed print “Breathe” by Emily Denis from Minted.


I got the sign “That which does not Kill Us Makes us Stronger” from Face to Face Home.


I got the framed print “Lineup” from Lauren Marttila Photography, which is the centerpiece of the whole wall.


I got a couple of the the weathered wood “Case” frames from Face to Face Home as well.


Hope you love it as much as I do! It’s probably been my most favorite, most meaningful home project ever <3