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Sara Michelle - Columbus, Ohio


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I have had a lot of wonderful people reach out and ask how I’m doing lately, so I thought I’d post a little update.

WELL, January and February were hard. Mostly because we were sick THE ENTIRE TIME! We could not catch a break. We constantly passed around colds, strep throat, and stomach bugs. Oh, and Graham teething on top of it all was also fun (four molars.. yikes!) I was up at least twice a night with one kid or another and it definitely tested my humanity. At one point, I seriously considered the day a win if I wasn’t cleaning up someone’s puke. It’s one thing to tackle illness and sleep deprivation for a week or two, but after two months I was seriously wearing down. I fell behind on basically everything and dropped many of the balls I was juggling. Unopened mail, unanswered texts, unwritten baby/birthday/thank you cards. Too much caffeine, too much fast food. Work was crazy and the house was turned upside down. Did I mention grief hits SIGNIFICANTLY harder when your exhausted? It was a very trying time, especially given all I wanted to do is move forward with my goals and focus on happiness and growth. Thankfully I had a lot of amazing people reach out to help me and help lift my spirits during this time!

Photo:  Brooke Hocker

Anyway, my trip to Florida could not have come at a better time. It took me a couple of days to unwind once we got there, but oh how the sunshine, warm weather, time to breathe, ocean views, and quality time with family just recharged my batteries! The sunshine killed off all the germs, everyone slept well, and we all left Florida feeling loved and happy. It was just what the doctor ordered, truly.

Since being home, I’ve been excited to dive back into my goals/dreams/decorating projects that were put on pause at the beginning of the year. The last month I’ve been soaking up time with the boys, reading non-stop, journaling daily, working on my office and mudroom makeovers, binging on incredibly inspirational podcasts, trying out some new skincare products, making some tweaks to my habits/routines/diet, and more than anything- taking LOTS of time to rest. We’ve still been hit with a few bugs and challenges (that’s life I suppose!) but I’ve been putting our health above everything else. Day in day out, I’m doing what I have to do to fight off burn out and illness- hence the reason blogging and social media kind of fell off of my plate for awhile! BUT, I’m happy to say we’re feeling well, sleeping better, and doing much better overall. I’m very thankful for some fresh air and sunshine finally making an appearance here in Ohio, too! I swear it makes all the difference!

Anyway! Even though I think most people come here for my home decor projects, I’m really excited to share what I’m learning about self-care, wellness, personal growth, and rebuilding my life! (And a few of the beautiful things that have been inspiring me as well!) Stay tuned :)