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Saturday Shopping: Tory Sport

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Tory Burch is one of my favorite brands of all time. I pretty much live in my Reva ballet flats during the work week. I love her purses, wallets, dresses, and overall prints. There is a definite nod to the 70s in her designs and it is quirky, fun, and chic. In 2015 she came out with her Tory Sport line and I am obsessed! I seriously think it was designed for me. I love wearing leggings and casual/sporty clothes when I'm not working, and this brand allows me to feel comfortable and cute. It may be on the expensive side, but you can't beat the quality. I tend to be one of those people that find something I love and wear it over and over again, so this works for me.

When I was in NYC last weekend I jumped at the chance to visit the Flagship Tory Sport store on Fifth Avenue. The interior design of the store was awesome! It was decorated perfectly. I was in heaven ;) Here are some pics from my shopping experience:

Does anyone else like Tory Burch as much as I do? Here were some of my favorite items from the store:

Company Crush: Farmgirl Flowers

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I am a huge sucker for fresh flowers! They instantly brighten any room and anyone's day. I always have a vase or two around my house and I love sending bouquets to friends as a "thank you" or for special occasions. I recently stumbled upon Farmgirl Flowers. Their bouquets are BEAUTIFUL and I love their philosophy behind having a single type of bouquet available at a time and eliminating waste. Also, they wrap the flowers in burlap bags reused from local coffee roasters. How awesome is that?

I haven't actually tried the company yet... but my birthday is coming up in just two weeks so maybe that will change soon!  (Hint Hint, Evan!)

All photos from Farmgirl Flowers incredibly beautiful website!

Any companys you've been "crushing" on lately?

Company Crush: Little Unicorn

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Happy Black Friday! No sale on the items I'm about to share with you (unfortunately!), but I love them nonetheless. These Little Unicorn cotton muslin blankets have been my go-to for Miles for swaddling when he was little, shading his stroller from the sun, and for a little lightweight warmth on walks. I have also gotten these blankets as baby gifts for my friends who have recently had babies because I love them so much! They are the best ones out there.

I'm also super excited because Little Unicorn JUST released a bunch of new patterns. These ones are my favorite:

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Company Crush: Cement Tile Shop

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One of my upcoming projects (Spring 2016) is going to be to remodel our 3rd floor bathroom. I want to do something fun! The third floor will be our guest room for a number of years and if we stay in this house long term, I imagine one of the boy's rooms once they are older.

I'm totally drawn to this amazing tile from the Cement Tile Shop! Modern, fun, and beautiful.

My only concern is that I don't want it to be too feminine if it does eventually become one of the boy's rooms!

What do you think? Has anyone ever purchased from here?