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Saturday Shopping: New Balance for J.Crew

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I'M SO EXCITED! As I mentioned in my post about Tory Sport couple of weeks ago, I pretty much live in athletic clothes after work and on the weekends when I'm chasing around the boys. (Let's face it, chasing around two boys two and under IS my workout!) Comfort and function are always my number one priorities, but I also want to look nice.  I have been saying for SO LONG that I wish J.Crew would expand their athletic clothes selection and mimic what Tory Burch did with Tory Sport, and IT'S HERE! J.Crew paired with New Balance and the results could not be cuter. Here are my purchases and a few of my favorite items:

What do you think?

For Sale in Nantucket

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Although I've never been to Nantucket, I love it immensely. (It is seriously top of my list in terms of vacations I want to take!) The homes are just so right up my alley. I am often checking them out on Zillow, and here is one that took my breath away! This guest house is perfection! I love the painted white floors, layered with the soft gray walls, white woodwork, and painted ceiling. It is so fresh and bright, while still being cozy and inviting. I could totally live here!

nantucket 7.jpg

I'm also obsessed with these windows. I love the frames and the way that they open inward.

I need a little "she shed" (as opposed to man cave!) like this in my backyard!

The goodness doesn't stop there. I love this kitchen and the way it opens up for some al fresco dining. Yes please! Plus the marble, the blue café chairs, and white trim - so simple and fun, yet refined at the same time.

Just a cool $1.35 million price tag!

*All photos courtesy of Zillow and

Driving Around the Hamptons

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Ok, so I'm not REALLY driving around the Hamptons... but sometimes when I'm on a boring conference call or have a few minutes to kill, I find myself on google maps randomly "driving" through amazingly beautiful places. (I know, I'm a HUGE dork!) But seriously, I can't figure out why I don't just live in the Hamptons, Every street and every house is postcard perfect.

Here are some of my incredible screenshots of my "drive":