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The Plan to Finish The Boys' Room

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It's been a couple of years since we've touched Miles' big boy room. We basically decorated it when we moved him out of the nursery, and haven't touched it since! Well, now that we will be moving Leo in there soon, we are putting some last finishing touches on the room. 

Here is where we left off:


In terms of what we want to do next, we recently ordered two of these beautiful Millbrook Iron Beds from RH Baby & Child! I've had my eye on them forever and just love the classic style. I think they will go perfectly with the room decor and function well for years to come. Only downside is that they are on backorder until December. Boo. We also picked out these awesome sherpa throws (in navy!) on final sale! They are SO SOFT! Miles absolutely loves it. We are also going to move the tent up to the room to make it the ultimate big boy bedroom (we've had this one for a couple of years now). 

I think that should be it and this room will be 100% FINISHED! I'm not sure I've ever been able to say that about any room in our house before - ha! Can't wait to share pictures when it is all done... In December! ;) 

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 10.26.29 PM.png

Blue or Pink?

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No, I'm not talking about the sex of the baby this time! (As I mentioned in this post, we decided not to find out the sex and to be surprised when the baby is born!) I am talking about IF we have a girl, should I decorate her nursery with blue or pink?

Obviously, if you've followed my blog for more than 5-minutes, you know I lovvvvve the color blue! Our house and our wardrobes all revolve around it! I could definitely see a beautiful, girly, blue nursery! Here is my vision board. Cute right? I feel like it is really unique and I love that!


However, I also love the idea of going with classic pale pink! There is so much blue in my world, it would totally be fun to go another direction for this one room! Here is my vision board for this color scheme. Beautiful, isn't it?

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 11.02.39 PM.png

I should note, we are holding off on decorating the nursery for awhile! Obviously we have to find out the sex of the baby before we can do anything, but it will still be awhile after the baby is born that we actually decorate the room and move the baby into it. Eventually,  our plan is to move to Leo to Miles' room since we have two twin beds in there, and then the baby will go in the nursery where Leo currently is. But for now? Leo sleeps so well in his crib and we usually keep our babies in our room for at least 6-months anyway, so we are taking our time! (Our fourth bedroom is on the third floor and the perfect guest room, so we don't want to convert that to a kid's room just yet!) 

Anyway, what do you think?

Blue or Pink?

All of this being said, if I had to guess, I would guess that this baby is a boy anyway so this whole post/survey may very well be a moot point! Ha! I guess that is totally part of the fun of not knowing though! :) 

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Playroom Makeover - a "Boy Cave"

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So, this room has had a LOT of makeovers over the years! (You can see photos of the progression of the space here!) However, we are ready to undergo yet another one to make it more suited to being a playroom for the little guys. In fact, we have been referring to it as the "boy cave!"

I've actually always felt a little lost about what to do with this space and how to decorate it, but now that we have a true purpose for it, my vision is finally coming together!

In terms of what the makeover actually entails, we are planning the following:

  1. POTENTIALLY moving the leather couch to this room... We moved it here on a whim over the weekend and we love it! (However, now that living room is empty.. hmm... that is another post!)
  2. Getting rid of the brown paint (it does not mesh well with leather sofa.. It makes the sofa look red, which I hate!) We will be repainting the room Benjamin Moore's Polo Blue. One of my all time favorite colors! You can see in the pictures I have already painted a huge swatch on the wall above the couch.
  3. Replacing the curtains. I like the West Elm ones that are in there, but they are too feminine for the boy cave.  I am thinking I will go with these ones from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child. I already have a pillow in this fabric (see the picture below!) and I love, love, love it! (Anyone interested in buying the old West Elm ones off me? $25/panel for 6-panels!

For not a lot of work and not lot a big investment, we can really transform this room to make it more suitable for the role it plays.

Overall I want to have it have a similar feeling to Miles' big boy room, pictured below. I love repetition in colors and patterns through the house, and having elements that tie everything together.

Nursery Debut!

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Well this baby may not be ready to make his debut (today is my due date!), but at least I can debut the finished nursery!

We used the same basic elements we used in Miles' nursery, (including the crib, dresser, rocking chair/ottomon, etc.), but tried to give it a bit of a different feeling with color and accessories. First, we painted the walls Sherwin William's Gibraltar, a grayish-blueish color (I just like dark colors in bedrooms... I believe it helps me and the kids nap better during the day and sleep better at night!) I got the bedding on SUPER clearance from Pottery Barn Kids the day we found out we were having a boy! The rug and the rugby striped drapes are from Pottery Barn Kids as well. The weathered wood star wall art and bedside lamp are from Target. 

Here is a glimpse of Miles' nursery then vs. Baby B's nursery now:

Overall, not a huge investment for a bit of a change to personalize the room for baby B #2! Now we just need the baby :)