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My Favorite Photo Wall

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This photo wall in our master bedroom is one of my favorite "decor features" in our home. It was one of the first projects I did (post removing wallpaper and painting) and I still love it just as much today! It is one of the few things that hasn't been tweaked in the last few years. (That being said, I do want to incorporate some pictures of Miles!)

The photos feature our wedding in the center (frame from Pottery Barn), some abstract art I pulled out of an ad in a magazine, pictures of our honeymoon, and "S" and "E" letters (for Sara and Evan) that were originally a compilation of photos spelling out the word "Sea".

Oh, and on the lower left is my favorite quote about home design from the Pottery Barn "Home" book... "I want a room for living. A space that reflects my style and experiences. Where everyone feels comfortable - and they never want to leave." That is my design philosophy to a T!

I don't know about you, but I like photo walls that mix art, type, and photography and carry a similar theme and color scheme throughout the whole display!