The Fat Hydrangea

Sara Michelle - Columbus, Ohio

Hello everyone and welcome to The Fat Hydrangea! 

I'm Sara - A thirty-something pregnant mama chasing around two crazy boys, who just left my full-time job in finance to be a stay-at-home mom, and am trying to stop and smell the roses - errr, hydrangeas! 

As a type-A perfectionist, I can too often get caught up in rush and the busyness of every day life. However, I know  I need to take time out and appreciate the beautiful things I come across every day! Hence, my little home on the web, The Fat Hydrangea (because hydrangeas are my favorite, of course!) 

The loves of my life are my four boys - my husband Evan, sons Miles and Leo, and our puppy Tucker. They inspire me in everything I do..... and remind me that all designs should be durable as well as beautiful ;)

We've spent the last six years transforming our fixer-upper of a house into the *first home* of our dreams. I love sharing our house projects, design inspiration, goals, and family life with such an awesome community of people who share the passions. Thanks for following along!


Why the "Fat Hydrangea"?

Fluffy, fat hydrangeas are simple reminders for me to slow down and enjoy all of the beautiful things in this life.

(And yes, I am 22-weeks pregnant in this photo!)