The Fat Hydrangea

Cleveland, Ohio


Hello everyone and welcome to The Fat Hydrangea!

I'm Sara - a financial consultant by day and interior design enthusiast by night!

The loves of my life are my four boys - my husband Evan, sons Miles and Leo, and our puppy Tucker. They inspire me in everything I do..... and remind me that all designs should be durable as well as beautiful ;)

We've spent the last five years transforming our fixer-upper of a house into the *first home* of our dreams. I love sharing our house projects, design inspiration, goals, and family life with such an awesome community of people who share the passions - hence the creation of this website!

Overall, I love transforming rooms into cozy, loved, inspirational, spaces that make perfect back-drops for our everyday lives.

As I mentioned, this is a happy hobby and not my full-time job.. so sometimes I will post constantly, sometimes I won't post at all! Except for a handful of family pictures taken by a professional photographer and some inspirational photos I pull from Pinterest, these will be pictures of my REAL life! Not staged, not Photo-shopped, not "perfect". We are also working within a real life budget. That being said, a huge part of my passion for interior design is that the fact that I believe no matter where you live or what yourbudget is, you can (and should!) make the place you live a place you love.

Why the "Fat Hydrangea"?

Fluffy, fat hydrangeas are simple reminders for me to slow down and enjoy all of the beautiful things in this life.