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Runner or No Runner?

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One of the next not-so-exciting house projects we are considering tackling is a runner on the stairs. There are two main reasons for this:

1) Kids! Not that we would ever let Miles climb up the stairs on his own, but he is learning to walk and I worry once he IS more ready to go up the stairs that he will slip in his socks and fall. We need some grip on these babies!

2) The dog will not go down wooden stairs, only carpeted ones. He is too scared! It is getting old to have to carry him down it 20x a day.

i think I would go with the same carpeting we just put in the playroom. I like that it would repeat itself and I like that it would do a phenomenal job of hiding dirt.

My only hangup is the cost!! Is it REALLY worth it?

What are your thoughts? Runner or no runner?