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Sara Michelle - Columbus, Ohio

For Sale in Nantucket

Sara Michelle B.Comment

Although I've never been to Nantucket, I love it immensely. (It is seriously top of my list in terms of vacations I want to take!) The homes are just so right up my alley. I am often checking them out on Zillow, and here is one that took my breath away! This guest house is perfection! I love the painted white floors, layered with the soft gray walls, white woodwork, and painted ceiling. It is so fresh and bright, while still being cozy and inviting. I could totally live here!

nantucket 7.jpg

I'm also obsessed with these windows. I love the frames and the way that they open inward.

I need a little "she shed" (as opposed to man cave!) like this in my backyard!

The goodness doesn't stop there. I love this kitchen and the way it opens up for some al fresco dining. Yes please! Plus the marble, the blue cafΓ© chairs, and white trim - so simple and fun, yet refined at the same time.

Just a cool $1.35 million price tag!

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