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Company Crush: Putnam & Putnam

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I decided one of the features of this blog will be highlighting companies I'm inspired by - ones that probably fly under the radar but are completely awesome! That being said, my first "company crush" is Putnam & Putnam flowers in NYC. I just love their creations! They are so unique and extraordinary, plus the colors are right up my alley!

So random but I first heard about them because i was searching AirBNB for a place to stay in NYC and stumbled upon their Brooklyn brownstone apartment. From there I looked up their company, and fell in love with their work! (Unfortunately their place is no longer listed, or else I'd share the link to their sweet little abode as well!)

Take a look at some of their awe inspiring masterpieces:

ALL photos from Putnam & Putnam.


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Hello everyone and welcome to the NEW "The Fat Hydrangea"!

As you know if you followed my old blog on Blogspot, redesigning my site is something I have wanted to do for a long while now. I finally found a platform that feels like a PERFECT fit, and I cannot wait to grow this site over time! I have so many ideas!

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Thanks again for joining me on this new adventure!