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Sara Michelle - Columbus, Ohio

DIY Marshmallow Wreath

ChristmasSara Michelle B.Comment

Today we are flashing back to a project I made 5-years ago today - this festive Marshmallow wreath!

Here's what you need: a styrofoam wreath in your choice of size, several boxes of toothpicks, ribbon, and a whole LOT of Marshmallows! (I got bags of several different sizes to make it more interesting). The process I found to work the best was to stick about 10 toothpicks into the wreath a time and then to push the marshmallows onto the wreath. (Also, you only put the marshmallow's on the tops and side of the wreath, the back is flat!)

I do not consider myself to be crafty in the least, and this project was even easy for me! The thing you need the most of is just patience, because while it is easy it did take a couple of hours! I highly recommend throwing on a Christmas movie while you work ;)

PS - I love seeing pictures of my old apartment! Man we've come a long way in 5-years!