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Sara Michelle - Columbus, Ohio

Green, Navy, or White: Vote Now!

Sara Michelle B.2 Comments

As you know, I've struggled with the paint color for this dining room. SERIOUSLY struggled! At first it was Martha Stewart's "Falcon", a grayish green color. I loved it, but one day just randomly felt like a change and therefore painted it Sherwin William's Naval.. And then a few weeks later decided the blue wasn't 100% right and decided to paint it white. I have to admit that I liked the white for summer, but now it is feeling really BRIGHT! Originally I thought I wanted a bold rug in there to offset the white, but ever since thinking that thought I've paid attention to how much food my one year old gets on the floor at dinner, and let's just say that idea is a lot less appealing.

With fall approaching, I'm wanting a darker, cozier color in there and seriously coming THIS close to repainting it back the color it originally was! What are your thoughts? Which is your favorite?

Which is your favorite?